@Sora, @Takeru

For awhile, Sora and Takeru had had plans to go out to eat together. She’d actually asked him if this date was alright, way before anything with Taichi had gone on. To be honest, the girl felt a little awkward going through with this, but she figured, maybe, it’d give her a chance to talk to him about… whatever she figured was right.

Or maybe it wouldn’t. And maybe Sora would sit awkwardly through the entire date.

Or maybe she wouldn’t, and maybe everything would turn out fine.

The difficult thing about where Sora was now was that she had no idea what to do about anything. So, she stuck with routine, and things that weren’t out of the ordinary. She was going out to eat with Takeru, and everything would be fine.

The restaurant they were going to was a little nicer than the average restaurant, but it wasn’t anything terribly fancy. Sora decided to wear a pair of darker jeans so they looked nicer, and a pretty black top. It was loose and had small little gems around the neck-hole that shimmered when she moved. Her red hair had turned out a little curlier than usual, too. Overall, she decided she looked nice.

As Sora’s apartment was on the way to the restaurant from Takeru’s place, the blonde had told her he’d just meet her here. Mrs. Takenouchi was out, so the girl waited in her silent apartment for his arrival.